We Have Arrived!

After many, MANY months of progress, we are proud to announce that our new blog has arrived.  Please change your favorite files, RSS Feeds or any other links you may have to the Beth Daane Photography Blog.  From now on all posts will be made at the following address:


So come on over and check us out!  (Don’t forget to leave us a note about what you think of it all!)


It’s Coming VERY soon!

I know I said it before- a LONG time before- but I am almost ready to launch our new blog!  I have had to work on other more important things- such as client editing!!!  I appreciate my clients so much and those of you whom have been so understanding with the little bit longer wait then normal.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The new blog will be up soon- maybe even tonight if I can get my act together!

And what’s a post without a picture?!  This is one of the dog’s I shot over the summer at a great dog show representing the SPCA.  This pup is sure to keep me in line!!!

Patrol Dog

Jaye- Trash the Dress!

Boy- I have been digging through the archives and found some Trash the Dress images from a fun shoot down in the Salton Sea from this past spring that I never posted about!  You may remember some of the others- Shellane, Ann…  I figured since I found them, and they are some pretty fun images, I had better post them!

Here’s Jaye- she was awesome and I got exactly the shots I had been wanting with the sun setting and silhouetting her just so…  Enjoy!

Trash the DressTrash the Dress 2Trash the Dress 3


This is just how some days go…

Someone laughing their TAIL off, someone who can’t get what they want and someone trying to be the best helper ever!  Much more to come, I just loved this pic and couldn’t resist!  (Apfel’s, you don’t have to wait much longer!)

Kiddo's havin' fun!

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming and it’s not too late to book your session for Christmas Card’s, gifts and your annual Holiday photograph. There are a limited number of sessions available for the rest of the year, so book your session soon.

I wanted to showcase a few samples of cards. Once you commission Beth Daane Photography to do your portraits and Christmas cards, we will work together to discuss sizing and style that you are interested in. After that, you will receive a selection of cards to choose from. Simple as that! Let’s make this years Christmas card process as simple as possible. (Envelopes are always included.)

Card 1(This is a 4.5 x 5 flat card with a front and back.)

Card 1 BackCard 1 Front

Card 2 (5 x 7 flat, back is plain background pattern.) Inscription can be added.Card 2

Card 3

Card 3 (5 x 7 flat card)

Baby A

There is nothing more beautiful then knowing a new life is being brought into the world.   Jenna has the most amazing glow and such a calm and beautiful spirit.  We had such a nice time talking about everything from the new baby boy on the way, to stories about puppies and on and on.  One funny story that came up while  we were shooting was about a liquor that is known to make one pregnant!  The bottle in the shape of a belly is the liquor- it is called Guaycura Damiana.  So all you ladies out there that want to become pregnant- go take a shot of this elixir!  Baby on BoardMommy and DaddyAdorationBaby LoveMiracleCutie PatootieBaby Potion

The Waggoner’s and Apple Hill!

The Waggoner’s and I went out for a family shoot to Apple Hill and it was wonderful! The leaves were changing and falling, the day was warm and sunny and the apples were perfect. The girls enjoyed running and playing in the leaves and Mom and Dad jumped right in. We went to a couple different places that Dawn had scoped out, and they were great! I hadn’t been to some of the places she knew about and I just loved it. If you ever need to know the perfect places to go- just ask Dawn, she always knows the best spots around! Here is a sneak preview of their shoot. Thank you so much for letting me spend time with you on such a gorgeous day!Apples at Apple HillFamilyKissesHandsRed TutuExtremeMom and DadReach!